During the six years he lived parttime in Tokyo, from 1917-1922, Frank Lloyd Wright designed over a dozen buildings and left another, equally significant, legacy: the transformative effect he had on the men who helped him build the Imperial Hotel. Many of them went on to create their own masterpieces, to alter Japan's cityscapes and mentor a new generation of pioneering architects.

Among the many architects who kept Wright's spirit alive through their own work are Wright's righthand man, Arata Endo, the first architect to share credit with the master; Antonin Raymond, who led Japan's modernist movement during his 43 years in the country; Kameki Tsuchiura, Yoshiya Tanoue, Makoto Minami, Takehiko Okami, Muraji Shimomoto, Teizo Sugawara, Taro Amano and Raku Endo.  (KS)

Arata Endo

Antonin Raymond
Makoto Minami
Kameki Tsuchiura
Yoshiya Tanoue
Takehiko Okami
Taro Amano
Raku Endo