Wright and Modernism: Defining Space

Renowned architect Hisao Kohyama, Hon. FAIA, former dean of Architecture at the University of Tokyo, and Yoshito Tomioka, associate professor, Graduate School of Engineering, Mie University, discussed Wright's early influences and impact on modernism. Both men have published widely on Wright and his contemporaries.

Prof. Kohyama studied under Louis Kahn at the University of Pennsylvania, and currently teaches at the University of the Air. Active both in Japan and overseas, he most recently received the 2005 Japan Art Academy Award for his Seigakuin Chapel and Lecture Hall.

Prof. Tomioka was a visiting scholar at the University of Pennsylvania in 1997, and is a partner in the Tsu-based Architectural Design Studio. In 2005, his translation of Frank Lloyd Wright and Lewis Mumford: 30 Years of Correspondence, was published.