Arinobu Fukuhara House    Hakone, 1918

Wright designed a late Prairie-style vacation villa for the Arinobu Fukuhara family in the densely wooded mountains of Hakone, west of Tokyo.

Fukuhara was the founding president of Shiseido, today's cosmetics giant. The house was actually commissioned by one of his sons, an avid photographer who had admired the plans for the as-yet-unbuilt Imperial Hotel.

Completed in 1920, the two-story oya tuff and stucco house combined both Western and Japanese-style rooms, a first for Wright. The entrance hall led into an internal atrium with a hot spring pool in the center, surrounded by a flower garden.

Because it was located close to the epicenter of the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923, the ground beneath the living room gave way, sucking the three-year-old villa down with it.  (KS)