Hibiya Triangle Building (Project)    Tokyo, 1922

Niro Hoshijima, the son-in-law of Tazaemon Yamamura, visited Wright before his departure from Japan in 1922 to request a final design. It was for a unique residential-commercial complex to be built on a triangular lot at Hibiya Park crossing, just minutes from the Imperial Hotel.

Wright quickly dashed off a conceptual design that featured a septagonal, 10-story concrete tower with a bell spire. The sketch was turned over to Arata, who made subtle alterations that appeared in newspaper announcements about the project.

The unique complex was to include a range of facilities for 100 families, from a roof garden and restaurant to health clinics and even a matchmaking center. Construction was to begin in autumn 1923, but the Great Kanto Earthquake intervened.

The complex was never built.  (KS)